Wrapping Paper Stars


These stellar however shockingly simple party decorations are produced from every one of the odds or wastes and end of holidays wrap you’d overall throw in the trash. Hang one or dozens to light up the house come party time.


What you’ll need

  • Heavy wrapping paper or origami paper
  • Scissors
  • Clear tape
  • Hole Punch



How to make it

1) Curtail eight 5- by 5- squares inch from heavy wrapping paper (you can likewise use precut origami paper).

2) For every square: overlap down the middle to structure a triangle, pretty side out; fold into half once more.

3) With scissors, cut into the first fold (now collapsed in half) something like 3/4 inch down from the top, stopping about of 1/4 inch from the ends. Make a similar cut about 3/4 inch down from the first, as indicated.


4) Open the square totally, plain side up, and raise the 2 inside points to structure a roll. Tape the points together with double sided tape.


5) Flip the square over and tape together the center point. Flip the square over again and tape the external points.


6) Tape each of the 8 areas together, center ring of one to external ring of the next, to structure a chain; tape the first and last segments together to form the star.


7) To secure the star, tape the tips together in the inside. Punch an opening at the highest point of one of the focuses and pass a string through to hang.


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