Wine Cork Pendants

Have you ever collected wine corks for no reason at all and just kept them locked up in the drawer? Or were you collecting wine corks because you think you could use them one day with same or different purpose? If you haven’t kept any wine corks during special occasions or every time there’s a wine to drink thinking that it could be nonsensical, well, you are definitely wrong! It’s high time you do so.

Wine corks can be re-used in many different ways like making stamps, labels, jewelry, or any other cute things you can create depending on how imaginative and creative you are. But if you are having a hard time doing it alone, there’s always blogs and tutorials to teach you how and what to do – THAT’S WHAT I’M HERE FOR! I find this activity very fun and interesting so let me teach you how to make pendants out of wine corks.

Things to use :

  • Wine corks
  • Knife, Cutter, or small saw
  • bench vise
  • Markers
  • Acrylic Paint or spray paint and paint brush
  • Small stainless steel screw eye hooks ( 5mm would be a perfect fit )
  • Doilies or any stencils
  • Disposable plastic saucers
  • Sand paper or nail file
  • Pencil and bond paper
  • Plastic cover

Things to do :

  1. Prepare all the materials needed.
  1. Clean the wine corks thoroughly. You can soak the wine corks in a hot water for about 15 minutes and let it dry a little before cutting them. The wine corks should be a little bit moisture to prevent breaking it apart into small fragments plus it gives you a much easier and cleaner cut.
  1. Once done, slice the wine corks using a knife, cutter, or small saw. You may use bench vise if you have one to make an even and safer slices but if you don’t have it in your house, just be sure to be extra careful in slicing the wine corks. Keep your fingers a little distance away from the blade in a sturdy surface. Each slice may be different in widths depending on what you desire.
  1. Smoothen the wine corks using sand paper or nail file only if needed.
  1. Make a design for your wine corks.  There are lots of ways on how to design your wine corks. If you are still undecided what design you are going to do and use, make sketches on a bond paper before trying it on the wine corks. This will save you from wasting your wine corks and repeating your design again and again. ( Tip : Cover your working space with plastic cover to avoid the mess of paint and use the disposable plastic saucers for acrylic paint )
  • If you have a doily or any stencil, place it on top of your wine corks and brush or spray them with paint. If you are having a hard time making a print because the wine corks are so small, you can lay the doily in a plastic cover and gently brush it with the paint. Once the doily is wet with paint, press the wine cork carefully to create a pattern.
  • You can use your markers and be more creative by drawing something in the wine corks that will represent you or someone you will give it to.
  • You can also use a pen with a little touch of markers if you want something to write in the wine corks like a lettering of your initial or someone you wanna give it to, a short quotation or verse, a name or a message, or a simple doodle of your favorite animal or character.

( Tip : Playing with colors will make the pendants more interesting. Use as many colors as you like and make different designs as many as possible. )

  1. Once done with the design, let it dry first before you put small screw eyes into the top of each slice of wine corks so you can use them as pendants.

Now that you have a bunch of pendants, you can give them away with your family and friends to show how special they are and how creative and thoughtful you can be. This could be a perfect giveaway during birthdays, graduation and other occasions. This could also be a perfect token of friendship or relationship. Show someone how you appreciate them by giving one personalized pendant that matches yours.

The idea of having different kinds of colors and designs is to make it easier for you to choose what will match your outfit plus you get to use new pendant every day. These pendants are not solely for necklace purposes. You can also use them with your bracelet or anklet and if ever you’re into key chains, you may use it too by adding round edged split rings or key rings and that’s it!

I hope you enjoy this activity as much as I do!



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  1. Carolyn

    I’d like to know what kind of knife you use. I’ve tried several items and I’m not having much luck for a nice cut.
    Thank you for your time,


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