• canvas, piece of wood, or white MDF (Mine is an MDF artist board from a kids’ art line at Target)
  • stencils or cut vinyl numbers
  • pouncer sponge and/or brush
  • craft paint
  • your wireless network’s password (look for a sticker on the side of your box)


This was pretty darn basic and, in the event that you have the supplies available, free.

Get your wireless password  and work on keep practicing writing the passward in distinctive ways/formats, contingent upon what size of board you have. Manage your stencils how you need ’em, and paint!


I utilized a pack of oilboard stencils in a Helvetica front style that I had found at an craft store, like these. After stenciling, I utilized a dainty brush to fill in the stencil lines and brush over the number. I blended a couple of colors of art paint as I go, mixing the shades. At the point when dry, I lightly sanded the piece. It’s blemished, yet so is whatever is left of our home. 🙂

Now I have an reminder close nearby to tell our visitors “hey, on the off chance that you need to bounce on the wifi, there’s the watchword” and I can simply indicate the piece.


No more climbing under the couch and getting yourself dusty, no more memorizing weird number and letter combos, no more slow smart phones. 🙂




***DIY source: www.whitehouseblackshutters.com

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