Weird Makeup Tricks That Really Work-1


1. You can see that the Mascara has a tendency to dry out quickly and it can cause clumps. To get rid of it and last your mascara last longer with moisture, just put 3-4 drops of visine in the tube and swirl the brush around.

2. Make your lipstick last longer. After applying the first layer of lipstick place a tissue over your mouth then swirl a big brush translucent powder. Tap the brush over your lips through the tissue. This will help to ingest any extra oil that can make the lipstick slip off.

3. Used up all makeup remover? Then, utilize a couple of drops of olive oil to dispose of makeup and moisture your face in the meantime. Simply be mindful so as to abstain from getting olive oil in your eye in case you’re utilizing it to take off mascara or other eye makeup. Utilize a tissue to wipe the oil off once you’re carried out.

4. To conceal dark circles, include a squeeze of orange pigment to your concealer. Generally, concealer might be pale or white, yet underneath your eyes, orange can work to check the blue or purple undertone that causes dark circles.


5. You don’t need to utilize brushes for their given reason. Clean off old mascara wands to use on your eyebrows, apply lipstick with a concealer brush for more exactness, and utilize a lip brush to get your eyeliner simply right.  






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