Materials and Tools:

  • piece of clothing to upgrade
  • various fabric trim
  • straight pins
  • sewing machine or needle and string
  • Quarrel Check



1. Spread the piece of clothing out on a level work surface. Beginning with a heavier bit of trim at the base of the piece of clothing, pin them in position. Utilize a seam as a beginning stage, and keep the trim as straight and even as flat as possible. (Note: It takes in the vicinity of a yard of trim to go around a normal skirt or dress.)


2. Joining the trim is simple: simply sew it set up, either by hand or with a sewing machine. Apply a couple of drops of Fray Check fluid to seal the edges.

3. Include the same amount rows and mixtures of trim as you wish. Differentiate shades to make designs and plans with the trims.

Alternate: To apply trims to a handbag, basically lay the trim set up with a slight overhang at the finishes. Paste the trim to the sack with an in number fabric paste or with heated glue intended for fabric. After the paste dries, trim away the overabundance and apply Fray Check to the finishes.

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