Vintage Stripe

If you are new into the crochet business choosing this vintage stripe pattern will help improve your skills and let you also enjoy the vintage look that is in tune this year. With this patern you will be able to crochet one very beautiful blanket and apart from being unique, it will also be cozy.

Things to use:

  • wool or some other fabric to work with
  • a pair of crochets

Things to do:

  1. Start by choosing your colors to work with. In order to give it a more vintage feel, you have to look for soft and pastel colors. But when I say colors, let them be colors, not brown, or dark blue or black. Then, think of the model you want to crochet. 
  2. Once the model is well implemeted in your head, just go on with crochetting until it gets to the size you want to. This can be done both with lighter or heavier fabrics. This mainly depends on the texture you want to give it and as well on the period of the year you actually want to use it. Enjoy!

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