Vegan Oreo Pops

Vegan Oreo Pops

A splash of color needed the birthday buffet. Cake Pops on the fly? No cuts because: too short time. An alternative? Oreo Pops! The are just as pretty, but simple cooked (although their preparation depending on skill one to two hour’s time takes). The result in any case is splendid: crispy and chocolatey cult cookies, the small and big children one eye and prepare the palate. skewers afford at the Oreo Pops by the way not good services because they are too narrow and too thick.Wooden sticks for ice cream you can also forget. Are too large. Therefore, a tip: Drink in the cafeteria of your trust a brisk espresso and puts a few coffee stirrers at the opportunity a. Alternatively, great coffee or fast food chains give willingly their wooden sticks …

This takes you

  • 20 (vegan) Oreo cookies, for example, ten with vanilla cream and chocolate cream with ten
  • 400 g dark cooking chocolate
  • 4 tbsp sunflower oil
  • 20 wooden handles
  • colorful sugar sprinkles or sugar pearls, jewels Lilifee or similar things pretty sugar
  • Vessels into which you can insert the Oreo Pops, for example, high coffee mug filled with dry beans


How it works

Wooden handles Carefully slide between the Kekshälften in the cream filling. Chop 200g chocolate and melting away in the water in a narrow and tall container, then stir in 2 tablespoons of sunflower oil. Thus, the chocolate is a little smoother and more evenly distributed on the biscuits. When the chocolate mixture is used up, your preparing another glaze with the next 200 g Schoki and the remaining oil. Provide storage containers for Oreo Pops.  

Now take your Pop Pop for the stem and dip each one completely into the warm Schokobad. Then you pull the pop lolly from the chocolate. If the biscuit makes a move to stay in the Schokobad and send the stem alone to fresh air (ie, when the stem from the biscuit triggers), your supported the biscuit from the bottom with a fork. Now you let the very probably containing chocolate Oreo Pop drain a little bit about the Schokobad. If necessary, take her to the fork to help with you can shed the excess chocolate specifically.  

scatters Now your sprinkles on both sides of the cookie. Thanks to the warm, liquid chocolate stick this by itself at biscuit. Then you hide the chocolate Oreo Pop into the prepared vessel. Here it can dry in peace and be nice and crispy. 

Oreo Pops fertig Collage





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