Tutorial for hooded car-seat blanket

Source: imperfecthomemaking.com


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2 thoughts on “Tutorial for hooded car-seat blanket

  1. Kristen D

    While this is cute, I have to question the safety. As per any and all car seat manufactures, nothing should come between the child and the back of the seat. This blanket interferes with that. It also interferes with the straps. As shown in the pictures, the slots on the back of the blanket go like this | while the straps go like this – … using this blanket will void the warranty of every single car seat. Again, this is cute. But please consider taking it down and not recommending people use it.”
    accessories or parts supplied by other manufacturers. Only make adjustments to the safety seat or base as recommended in these instructions. (https://secure.gracobaby.com/instruction%20manuals/archive/413-11-00.pdf Page 10, section 3.5)

    DO NOT use accessories or parts other than those provided by Graco. Their use could alter the performance of the child restraint.
    (http://download.gracobaby.com/ProductInstructionManuals/ISPC099BA.pdf Page 3)
    Do not use strap covers, blankets, cushions …. etc (same link as above, page 35)

    #2 No Aftermarket Products!
    Most simply put: If it didn’t come with your car seat, it isn’t safe to use.
    Those cute little puppy dog harness covers, the newborn head support, the notorious JJ Cole. All of these (and ANYTHING that attaches to your car seat) are not only potentially dangerous because they alter the seat or affect the harness fit, they also void manufacturer warranty in the event of a crash and the car seat fails.
    (http://www.treadingragingwaters.com/2012/02/11-deadly-mistakes-you-didnt-know-you.html Number 2)

    So, again. Please consider taking this down. It would be tragic if a reader read this, made the cute blanket, made it, and got in an accident while their baby was using this. In a stroller? Absolutely acceptable. Thank you for understanding.

    • Andrea

      A thin blanket would hardly cause a car malfunction. While it seems like you might have done some good reading up on the subject, I have as well, and understand it to mean that anything between the straps and a baby’s chest is where there would be a concern. This blanket would not cause that…. the baby can still be securely tightened into the seat.

      Now if what you were suggesting was really the case then why would car seats come with padding between the seat and the baby? Why wouldn’t they suggest the baby not wear ANY clothing while using the seat? A thin blanket will not make a difference if the parents buckle their child in properly.


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