Turn your mandarin orange into an aromatherapy candle!

> Mandarin orange
> Oil
> Matches
> Spoon
> Knife
> Essential oil (optional)


1) At first with a sharp knife cut slightly and make a ring around the orange.

2) Now using your hand, peel off the top. It should come out very easily.

3) Take spoon and slowly take out the orange from peel.

4) Remove the flesh of the orange. But you have remember that, you should not remove too much of the pith.

5) The pith connecting to the stain must remain. It will be the wick of the candle.

6) There might be separated pith, manipulate them to form a single pith like regular candles

7) Now its time to pour some oil into it and leaving the orange tip of the pith keep exposed.

The longer the pith, longer the candle will  burn.





***DIY source: www.jewelpie.com


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