Turn a cardboard box into a fun storage bin or fill it with party favors at a party

There just isn’t a house where you do not need one more storage room to put all your stuff that are laying around like they do not belong anywhere.

Moreover, if you are the one that wants to take this project and make it, a storage box can be personalized and can give your room and your space something special. You can make it the color of your choice and can as well, use it at different events such as parties, whenever you have some party favors to share.

Things to use:

  • cardboard box
  • scissors
  • material of the color and texture of your choice
  • cutter
  • pencil
  • bobby pins
  • glue
  • paintbrush

Things to do:

  1. Start by cutting the 4 edges of the cardboard box. This way you will prepare it for design.
  2. Having prepared the cardboard box, put it down on the material of your choice. Make sure it stands on something that does not move. 
  3. Take the material of your choice, take some bobby pins and start making two handles. Make sure they are the same length and the same width. Sew them accordingly after having formed them.
  4. Take one and make some signs on the box as where exactly you want the handles to be positioned. Take a pencil and use it for this. Then take the cutter and cut that part, so that you have space where to enter the handles. 
  5. Take the pencil again and draw all around the box on the material. This way you will know how much material you need. After this take the paintbrush and the glue and start covering the cardboard box bottom with glue. 
  6. Take the material and cover the sticky bottom with it. Make sure you lay it well on the box, so that it has no material wrinkles. 
  7. Do this with all the cardboard parts until you get to the part where the handles are supposed to be put. When you get to the inside of the box, bend the material inside and glue it so that it will not get torn apart when you actually use the storage box. (Like in the last picture below)
  8. Getting to the handles part, take the scissors and cut through the material to make sure you can insert the handle. 
  9. After having inserted the handles, glue each of them on the box.
  10. Then make a square or cut a piece of cardboard box from the edges you no longer use. Take the glue and put some glue on one side, and then cover the inside part of the handle, so that it will no longer be sizable. 

Your storage or favor box is ready! Are you ready for your next assignment? 

 Source: saifou.com


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