This is the easiest scarf, a fast Christmas present!
Tube Scarf:
Lay fabric out with the stretchiness running horizontally (left to right) and fold the top down to the desired width (which is actually doubled because it is a tube!) and cut.
30″ wide x 60″ long
Tip: Always cut off the salvages because they shrink more in the wash!
Pin and zig zag stitch the sides or the width ends right sides together (RST), to create a long tube.
This is the hardest part – pull the tube right side out,and pin the seams together at the two open ends. Then start to sew (straight or zig zag stitch) the inner edges of the open ends until you can’t anymore. At that point you will have a little opening.
Then hand stitch the whole shut so the stitching is invisible. Or, if you don’t care or have little time, leave the opening  exactly perpendicular to the first seam and sew the seam under and to the scarf at the same time. Which I prefer because it keeps the horizontal seam in place.
Circle scarf – No sew….or just a little:
If you like both sides of your fabric, don’t have a sewing machine, or whatever…this is what you can do!
Option 1: Some knits are made into tubes already! Your just have to cut it into the desired width and leave the edges raw (knit doesn’t fray) or sew up the ones edge like you would above.
Option 2: Cut knit to the desired width and length and sew the two ends together (the not as stretchy ends), cutting the excess very close to the newly sewn seam or trim and serge.
The sides will be raw and not sewn together like a tube, but the sides will still curl up and it will still have the same circle effect! And you will be able to see two sides of the fabric, whether it is a different pattern or texture.


Or if it unexpectedly rains or snows, it can double as a hood!

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