Unique Planter Box Centerpiece

When there is no food or drinks on the table, dinner tables and occasional tables look incomplete, don’t you think? You have spruced up your mirrors and other home décor. But what about your tables? They will look naked next to your stylish furniture pieces. What you need is a nice and unique centerpiece that will go well with almost any type of home décor.

DIY Planter Box Centerpiece

If you ask me, I want something inexpensive yet nice to look at, which is why the plant box centerpiece in jenwoodhouse.com my attention. Jenwoodhouse is the site to visit when you want to spruce up your home on a budget. With the use of shanty items that you no longer use, you can transform them into unique items that you can decorate in your home.

One good example is the planter box centerpiece shown in this page http://jenwoodhouse.com/blog/2012/07/10/easy-peasy-rustic-planter-box/. Imagine it on your dining tables. It will be perfect in any type of table. You would think that it is done by a professional when in fact you can do it yourself.

You do not need to be an expert DIY builder to finish the centerpiece beautifully. You can buy the materials or look for them in your garage or storage room. You do not need to wait for your husband for this type of project either.

Every time I ask my husband to fix something or do some handiwork for the home, the answer I get is “later” if not “next week.” I understand that he’s busy so I don’t nag him about it. But in the end, he forgets and I too forget what I asked him to do.

This is what I love about jenwoodhouse.com. The fact that the blog is run by Jen, a songwriter based in Nashville, Tennessee, inspired me to do pick up that hammer and start the handiwork myself.

The planter box centerpiece is not the first project I have done using the idea from the blog. It is the place I go to when I just feel like doing something productive while at home waiting for my children to come home from school. For working mothers, you can do this project in your free time and will still have enough time to do other important tasks at home.

After this planter box centerpiece, you can explore jenwoodhouse.com for more DIY ideas. From home décor to storage solutions, you will find many unique and practical ideas that you can apply for your own home. This blog may just have the solution you are looking for if you want to revamp your home without spending too much money.

2 thoughts on “Unique Planter Box Centerpiece

  1. Cicely

    The jenwoodhouse.com link sends me to Jen’s music site. Her blog is at jenwoodhouse.com/blog and it’s run by Jen, not sisters Ashley and Whinty??

    • Admin

      Hi Cicely,

      I am sorry. Yeah, the blog is run by Jen, a songwriter based in Nashville, Tennessee not sisters Ashley and Whinty. It was a mistake. I already changed it back.


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