Transfer pics to wood

It is not that hard to give a gift, but it is even harder to give a gift to which you put your heart and time into making it. Reccuring to hand-made gifts means that you really care about the feelings of that person and you want him or her to feel appreciated and loved. If you do not have anyone to give a present to right now, you can just try to personalize your home with home-made wood photos.

You can use a piece of wood that you have in your garden of any shape and size. The main idea is that it is clean and dry and that it has a rather light color. If you do not have a garden, just go to a wood store and pick a piece of wood you like.

Things to use:

  • piece of wood
  • glue
  • photo
  • cloth
  • water
  • brush
  • mod podge

Things to do:

  1. Take a piece of clean and dried wood. Make sure it is a light color so that the photo will be able to be clear enough and as well that it is at least of teh size of the photo. After ticking the above, the next step is to cover it with glue or gel.
  2. Take the photo you chose to immortalize and put it face down on the piece of wood. It is like having your own photo developper room.
  3. Gently, make sure you stick it firmly without any bubbles. You can use the palm of your hand to press it for a better positioning or you can take a ruler to do this. However, when taking a ruler make sure you do not stop in the middle of the action, as it may turn out with models that are not on the actual photo. 
  4. This is it for the day. Just make sure you put it aside in a safe and dried place. Keep it there over the night.
  5. Morning came. You can now go and continue your masterpiece. Take a cloth and wet it well, then start pressing it over the back of the photo. 
  6. Make sure that all the white brittels of paper that remained on the wood are carefully taken apart from it. Continue with the fingers, but make sure you do not scratch it with your fingernails.
  7. Make sure that all the white paper from the back is taken off from the wood photo. Clean the cloth you used before, or take a new one and gently clean all the remains. Make sure the cloth is not as wet as before. 
  8. Take a brush, smooth it in the mod podge and cover the entire surface of the photo.  Do not put too much so that it dries with “wrinkles”.
  9. Leave it there and let it dry for a few hours. I guess it is just the lunch time, so enjoy the lunch and leave it rest for a while.
  10. You came back! Check the result and enjoy the feeling of satisfaction that you made something great and unique! Wrap it as a present or just put it your home and share it with your social media friends.



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