Toy Story Holiday Ornaments


Happy holidays and beyond! Turn Buzz and Woody into adorable ornaments for your tree.

Download Toy Story Holiday Ornaments Template


What you’ll need

  • White or clear shrink paper for Inkjet printers (you can purchase this at art/craft supply stores or online)
  • Printed ornaments
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch



How to make it

1) Print the decorations on shrink paper and remove them.

2) Punch a gap/hole through every ornaments before you bake them.


3) Follow the preparing directions on the shrink paper bundle to heat the ornaments in a toaster oven. Watch the shrink plastic move and twist! Don’t permit children to utilize the oven.


4) Provided that the decoration is still somewhat curled when it is completed the process of heating, utilize a bit of cardboard or a spatula to straighten it totally.

5) Utilize a snare or lace to hang your ornaments on the tree.



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