Tidy Tights

I was cleaning out my wardrobe and was extremely chafed by the way that my tights didn’t fit anyplace in the storeroom. I keep my socks, clothing and tights in particular boxes in my wardrobe, yet my tights simply continued heaping out of the case. And afterward I recollected every one of those tutorial on the most perfect method to organize your  jewelry and thought, why not utilize a comparable strategy for my tights?!

In any case I had these wooden cloth pegs and observed that they were only ideal for this task! I simply stuck the pegs to the side of my closet and utilized them to hang my tights on.

After I was done with this project, I really discovered a few tights that I never wore, how astonishing is that!

See underneath for the full tutorial.

1. Get those tights.

2. Now get some wooden cloth pegs.

3. Carefully measure the size of your wardrobe. You also can measure the size or height from where you want to hang your tights. But always measure from the top.

4. Now draw a line from where you want the pegs to be.

5. Then get a glue gun and glue the pegs to the wall or closet.

6. Now wait for sometime and let the glue dry. And you are done!!





***DIY source: www.lanared.blogspot.nl


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