Thrifted sweater Christmas tree





There are a million felted sweater design and projects out there, yet I think its an extraordinary thought to spare cash and reuse downy sweaters.  I discovered some more sweaters on a thrifting excursion a few days ago, so I made these full holiday trees.  They are about 7″ tall and each has 32 felted sweater loop.


  • felted wool sweaters (washed and dried 100% wool sweaters)
  • scissors
  • pins
  • wire
  • wire cutters
  • bead or star for the tree top

Instructions (for one tree):

Step 1: Print out the templates below and cut out paper circles.




Step 2: Pin paper circles to the sweaters and cut two of each size.  It helps to cut out a square from the sweater and work with that, rather than trying to cut from the whole sweater.


Step 3: Bend the wire at the bottom and begin slipping sweater circles onto the wire, beginning with the largest first.  It helps to find the center by folding the circle in half, then half again.


Step 4:  Wrap a bead or star at the top and bend the wire around.  Snip.




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