The Sunset Scarf– With Free Pattern!


The scarf is from yarn I hand colored some of them. Years before I found in my box of knitting things. The most part was oranges and pinks, however is has a few specks of blue-green in it too – and it helped me to remember our prairie sunset.



This is an incredible pattern for when you are in the mind-set for a few indiscreet sewing, or a straightforward pattern in the event that you are simply beginning with knits and purls. Knitting a traditional scarf, this is carried out in a quarter of the time and with around the range of a quarter of the yarn making it a perfect choice for those hand colored skiens or a gift.



1 skein bulky weight yarn
Size 8 knitting needles


I knit at 6 stiches per inch in k1p1 rib. Gauge is not crucial for this scarf, and I’ve given measurements below to help you modify the pattern for a different gauge.


  • Cast on 22 stitches
  • Row 1: Slip 1,  [knit 1, purl1] 10 times, end knit1.
  • Row 2-115: Repeat row 1 for 115 rows, or until work measures 23 inches.
  • Row 116:  Slip 1,  [knit 1, purl 1] 3 times, k 1 then bind off 6 stitches in pattern, purl, [knit 1, purl 1] 3 times
  • Row 117: Slip 1,  [knit 1, purl 1] 3 times, k 1, cast on  6 stitches using backward loop cast on, purl, [knit 1, purl 1] 3 times
  • Row 117-135: Repeat row 1 for 18 rows, or until work measures 26 inches total.
  • Bind off 22 stitches in pattern

Weave in ends, block if desired, and wrap around a child you love. It’s a wearable hug!



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