The Art of the Toilet Paper Roll

Here is one of my arrangement of attack–toilet paper rolls. I attempted utilizing some wrapping paper rolls, yet they were verging on excessively thick to slice through effortlessly, and they didn’t measure the same in width as the t.p. That stands for toilet tissue we’re tight like that!


I apportioned the rolls by something like 1 1/2″ imprints and cut them by scissor into their little strips. When they’re all cut equally, I stuck every piece of joints together. I utilized hot glue in light of the fact that I knew I’d be painting them. Also, its way quicker.




I have seen this toilet paper roll in many design, specially flowered design. But I am not looking to give it a very flowery look. I want to give it a simple look like this>


I took the rolls/now shapes to the root cellar and spray painted away. I would greatly propose you to use primer for this. Clearly, these suckers will drenched up the paint. I caught up with some shiny white paint.



So here it is. Toilet paper wall art.

IMG_7955_thumb[3]I’ll likely still play around with the state of it. They’re not difficult to move around since I recently connected with a little bit of craft glue. When I become tired of it, I can toss out the rolls and reuse the canvas.


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