The amazing Bolivia

The first contact with Bolivia if you go by car or by bus, most probably will be at the border with Peru. The border police officers will check all the people thoroughly to be sure that no criminal enters in their country. Anyway … this is debatable.Illimani Mountain
After passing through the border one will walk towards Puno, where one will spend the night, before moving on to the trip on the Island of Sun. you can walk and have some relaxing moments though this settlement, but you will not have many things to see. Many of the small cities in Bolivia are rather poor settlements without any touristic sights.
Bolivia, a country of contrasts
As beautiful as its landscapes are, from the Amazonian jungles to the Andes mountain range; from the most dangerous road in the world – Coroico to the spectacular Moon Valley located near the La Paz; from the salt sea from Salar de Uyunu to the gardens from the Island of Sun, as poor are the people living here. Most of them are happy if they own a goat for milk and meat and one for wool. The vast majority of the Bolivians speak the pre Columbian languages – the Quechan and Amara and in some of their gardens one can find Inca ruins.
From the shore, Lake Titicaca does not seem big. Only if you are on it, in a boat or on one of its island, one can realize its magnitude. Surrounded by the mountains and the icebergs, it is situated at 3827 meters above the sea level.
Bolivia is the 3rd cocoa producer in the world and it does not hide this thing. One can find in all the shops here cocoa candies, cocoa drinks and all kid of other products cocoa based. A cup of tea contains a lot of cocoa and it is green in color almost like the green tea and it has the same effect.
La Paz is the capital situated at the highest altitude in the world. It is cramped in the downside part of a great canyon, with the Illimani Mountain in the sight, the city is quiet picturesque.
Wild but with manners, it is a combination of suburbs where people dress traditionally and party, dancing in the streets; with residential areas and a modern downtown. There you can see skyscrapers built among the colonial buildings.
One of the most visited places in La Paz is the Witches Market. There you can find a lot of potions, cures, magical things and spells, which are believed to work accordingly and are very appreciated by the magic practicians. They are believed to bring good luck and prosperity.

La Paz La Paz 1 217709972_69c2891a02_z Witches Market 4038148540_5d3018381b_o Lake Titicaca The Moon Valley
The Moon Valley that one can see in sights is a wonderful view – it is a formation of volcanic rocks. A majority of them are a clear beige or light brown color, but some are almost red, with sections of dark violet. It is an amazing nature show compared to the moon sight. It is similar to another zone of La Paz that is known as El Valle de las Animas (The Valley of the Souls). Here, the vegetation is scarce and there are some areas with straw or gleanings, with some low bushes, which in combination with the rock formations, provide a wonderful appearance to the whole scenery.
Other natural attractions nearby incude La muela del diablo (the devil’s molar) and the Canyon de Palca (palca canyon). The nature here is unlike any other place and coming here is worth it if you want something spectacular and unique. You can do mountain biking, hiking, rafting, canoeing, climbing and many other rocky sports one can think of – that if you are a keen adventurer.

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