Sweet Lace Crowns


I started making these crowns with a mind of photography, so it is not a everyday play wear . The crowns do get really hardened, yet I can’t remark how they might hold up or how sheltered the paint is to be worn and played by a young little girl. Thus, here is the things that you require:


lace – 13-15″ depending on desired size
fabric stiffener or modge podge
gold, bronze or silver paint or a paint pen
wax paper

paint brush
glue gun

For the silver crown, I utilized some truly intriguing, really wide crocheted trim. The crochet really appeared to assimilate the stiffener a tad better and make a more durable crown. However crocheted lace trimming could be somewhat difficult to get a hold of so I will demonstrate to you a handy methods to utilize a thinner, all the more promptly accessible lace.



When you have your lace, slice it to 13″-15″ inches relying upon your desired size. I think the crowns look pretty cool with a little circumference. Notwithstanding, when you need them to truly take a seat on the head, you will go bigger.

Next, take your strip(s) of lace and soak them with fabric stiffener. I purchased my flask of fabric stiffener for $3.99 at Hobby Lobby. From my view fabric stiffener is simpler to use than modge podge in light of the fact that its more more thinner and doesn’t glob up the lace like modge podge does. Then again, I have utilized both, and both yield great outcomes. Along these lines, on a sheet of wax paper, saturate your lace with stiffener, and spread it around with your finger.


After the lace has been soaked, smear off excess and permit to dry. You will rehash this 2-4 times, contingent upon how well the lace assimilates the stiffener.

When the lace has dried enough so it is no more tacky, paint it as like your desired color. For the silver crown, I utilized a silver acrylic paint pen which worked shockingly well. In the photograph underneath, I utilized Precious Metals paint as a part of the color titanium.



After the paint has dried, match up the pattern and paste the lace around with the glue gun{or make glue}. The crown will solidify up a lot all the more, after it has had 24 hours to dry. What’s more… you are carried out! A quite pretty and vintage-looking crown… ideal for your prince or princess.




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