Surprise your friend by making a WHITE SHAG CHRISTMAS WREATH

Decor your Christmas in a new way. Make a white shag Christmas wreath in the Christmas and surprise your guest. Add the power of flower in the entrance of your Christmas home. It cost a very little amount and very little materials.



Let’s see what kind of  tools and materials you will need to make white shag Christmas wreath.

a. scissors

b. marker

c. screwdriver

d. picture frame hook

e. cardboard f. hot-glue gun

g. yard of white shag fur fabric

h. spool of wire-edge sheer purple ribbon (2/5″ wide x 10 yards)

i. floral and craft ring (18″)

j. mixed-size purple buttons ( about 150-300)

On the first step, you have to add a hook on the back of the wood wreath form.



Now let’s make a cardboard backing for the petals. In order to do it draw four or five flower petals on the cardboard. Remove the shapes and after that utilize those as models to follow more petals on the cardboard, so you’ll have a few of each one size. Make something like 28 to 32 pieces altogether; lay them around the ring to verify you have enough.



Now put the cardboard petals on the backside of the white fabric. Cut the fabric in the shape of the cardboard. You have to keep in mind that, you have to leave it about a 1/4″ around the outside of the edge.



Now adhere fabric to the cardboard. Buy an adhesive. It will cost you much! Next glue the backside of the shag fabric and to the cardboard. Remember, the shag should be slightly be overlap at the side of the cardboard.



Its now time to adhere petals to the wreath ring. Here you will need some adhesive also. Glue the fabric covered cardboard petals to the wreath ring. Repeatedly put the petals in place and let them overlap each other. You can cover the edge of the ring or uncover it. If you cover it, you will not have the place to put anything in the edge. And if you uncover the edge of the petal you can have the freedom to attach some buttons or other decorating stuff. My suggestion is to uncover the petals.



Let’s use some buttons to put on the edge. What will the color of the button is your own choice. Glue the bigger catches on first then layer the more modest binds on top to give it a more full look. Leave a little area open to place the bow.


Finally the time has come to create the bow. Take off the lace, leave a long piece for the first tail and after that make the wanted number of circles. Pull the circles into a modest bundle and pack with your hands. Tie an alternate bit of lace around it to keep the circles secure. Craft glue that segment to the wood ring then cut off the additional strip.

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