Surprise DIY Flower Lights

You have around 40 minutes to spare and do not know what to do with your time? Let us give you an idea that can as well help you decorate your house for spring and summer nights. Craft some flower lights. All you need are some things that you surely have around the house:

Things to use:

  • paper cupcakes – as many different colors as you have around – at least 3
  • Christmas lights decorations
  • scissors
  • cutter

Things to do:

  1. Prepare all the things you need so that they are near you. Then start with creating the leaves of the flower. Take the cupcake of your choice and the scissors, bend it in 4 and cut it in order to have 4 leaves left. Then take another cupcake of your choice, bend it in 8 and cut it in order to form a flower with 8 petals. (see the picture below). If you want you can even try and bend it one more time and will turn out a flower with 16 petals. Then for the inside of the flower take a smaller cupcake and just out it inside the two above. 
  2. Now it is time to attach them to the Christmas lighting decorations. Make sure you can insert the bulb into the paper flowers. This way it will be right in the middle and when lit up, it will create different color lights, depending on the color of the cupcakes you used. Make them colorful so that they will look more summery. Create as many paper flowers as light bulbs you have on the decoration. Source:

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