Simple way to make an envelope

Are you sick and tired of the envelopes that you find in the stores and would like to make your own unique and personalized one? There is no better way and place to start than in here. Your letter will have an added touch of your personality beginning with its envelope.

You can choose the paper color of your choice, depending on the event and reason for the letter. It is something that helps you form an introduction.

Things to use:

  • piece of colored paper
  • paper glue
  • scissors

Things to do:

  1. Take the piece of paper, put it with the colored  part up, so that you can see it and create a heart shape. You can make this heart shape from a harder paper in advance and just put it on your paper and copy it. After doing so, take the scissors and chip it out. 
  2. Take the already formed heart shape and turn it down with the white part up.
  3. Take each of the two parts of the heart and fold them inside. let us say that you have to take 1/3 of the part and fold it inside. It should look like in the picture below. 
  4. After doing so, take the heart shape end of the envelope(not the pointy one) and fold it over the two parts of the heart. This way you will form a heart shaped envelope that will only be seen when you actually open it. 
  5. This part is where the paper glue comes into place. Take it and start fixing the end result. You have to glue the three parts together so that it will not tear apart. Leave it to dry for a few hours. 
  6. Now your envelope is ready to be used. Make the most of the outcome of this project and start creating your own personalized letters. 


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