Actually it is not very hard to make it. It cost only 2$ for me. But took a few hour to finish.

I started making it by cutting felt into squares. Then I carefully rounded the corner of each square to make it circle.

Then I used gold colored old cardboard to make it the wreath base.

After that I folded each circles into half and I made it for two times. Then I hot glued each them to the cardboard.


When I went all the way to the wreath, I collapsed the rings the same way, yet confronted them the opposite path on the wreath. I sort of “squeeze” them into fill in any spaces. I likewise trimmed as I went along, because there were a few regions that were taller than others.

At last, the greater part of the felt was on the wreath.

Then for some decoration, I glued a ribbon on the back of the wreath.

Isn’t the bunting just so cute??






***DIY source: http://christinasadventures.com/


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