Sewing Pattern Case for your iPad, iPad Mini, Kindle or tablet

While most of us use one of the gadgets above, not all of us that use them also buy some protection cover for them. The reason, let me put it another way, my reason for example is that I find very difficult exactly what i am looking for in a case.

Le me explain myself –  I am looking for a certain color, for a certain material that will also protect the gadget but as well feel nice when I am touching it; I am looking for something that will give me a boost to feel better that day when i take it in my hands, that will not burden me, I am not looking for something that everyone can go and buy at the sore; I believe it is a personal experience that one needs to create with the gadget.

This is why, the below sewing pattern case for your gadget comes in handy for anyone who wants something more personalized to have in his or her purse and house.

Things to use:

  • 3/4 yard fabric
  • 1/2 yard fusible fleece
  • fabric scraps for patchwork
  • velcro
  • scissors
  • a sewing machine
  • some thread of the color of the pattern
  • needle
  • white thread for before sewing it at the sewing machine

Things to do:

  1. First you need to buy the pattern from any online store that sells them. Usually they sell the patterns for all of the above and you just pick your need. After you receive the packet you take the material, put the pattern on it and start cutting it with the scissors. Having cut it, you can form it, to prepare it for the sewing machine. Put the colored patches on the material as well. 
  2. Prepare the sewing machine with all the things needed and start sewing the case. Remember the pocket it has and make sure you do not sew it accidentally.
  3. Add the gadget inside and enjoy the feeling of having made something yourself, something that represents you and something that is also useful.


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