Saving Leftover Wine


Saving remaining wine is unsafe business. It never tastes an incredible like before, regardless of the possibility that you utilize an extravagant air-vacuum pumps. Without a doubt, you can simply set the cock back on and stick the bottle in the refrigerator, however that just keeps the wine drinkable for an another day.

We’ll concede that bottles don’t typically go unfinished around here, but rarely we’ve got extra wine available, we need to have the capacity to keep it for a couple of days – and we need it to still taste great. Today, Amanda’s imparting a without contraption trap she gained from Moore Brothers Wine Company for sparing extra wine that takes care of our requests.

And just for fun, we’re including a photo tutorial of our new favorite wine-saving process.

Saving Wine Full
Fill a sealable container to the very top. Make sure it’s just a little too full.

Spill Close
Some wine should spill while you’re covering the container — this is a good thing. Close it tight, wipe it off and store it in the fridge for up to a week.

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