Ribbon Candy Ornaments


To make these you’ll need: 

  • Ten inches of 20 gauge craft wire,
  • ten 8-millimeter beads (give or take a few millimeters),
  • two pieces of 1 1/2” wide and 17 1/2” long grosgrain ribbon.

Grosgrain is the kind that isn’t shiny and has bumped-up rows on it.



Melt the end of the strip precisely with a lighter so they won’t shred. Using a fine-tip pen, make little dabs, beginning 3/4″ from one end, then each 2″.

Utilizing needle-nose pincers, make a snare utilizing 1″ from one end of the wire. Thread on a bead. Lay the two bits of ribbon together, verifying the ends and edges are even, with the spots on top. Stick the wire through both pieces at the first dot.



Provided that you have inconvenience pushing the wire through, you can utilize a huge needle to make a pilot hole. It additionally serves to cut the wire at an angle so its pointy.

String on an another bead. Push the wire through the following dot.



Continue threading on beads and pushing the wire through the next dot as shown until you reach the last dot.



Add one last bead to the bottom.  Push all the beads up to the top.  Bend the wire 1” below the bottom bead.



Twist the remaining wire around a pencil to make a curl.



Push the beads back down and you’re done.



These are so easy and fun, I went a little crazy making them.  This set is in my boy’s favorite color:  camo, with a little Christmas thrown in.



These would be cute gift toppers too.




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