Recycle Plastic Bottles & Make Super Cute Apple Shaped Boxes!


Apparently I have apples on the brain, which is not surprising given that Rosh HaShana is just over a week away! Last week I was looking at a plastic bottle and realized that the bottom of those that I have look very much like apples! After some complicated ideas involving spray paint, and only one bottle, it occurred to me that two soda bottle bottoms stacked look very much like an apple!


You’ll Need:

  • plastic soda bottles with bottoms that look like apples, mine are seltzer bottles
  • pieces of real sticks
  • red fabric or red tissue paper
  • green felt in two shades of green
  • ribbon
  • a hole punch
  • a hot glue gun



How To:

1. Cut the bottoms off of two plastic flasks utilizing a sharp blade or knife to make the first cut and afterward scissors. Trim containers to desired height.

2. Slice a bit of stick to around the range of 1 1/2″, and utilizing craft glue fasten to top of apple.

3. Utilizing an overwhelming obligation hold punch, punch relating gaps in both top and bottom at the front and the back of the apple. The back set of gaps will be utilized to make a pivot, while the front set of holes is tied with a bow for opening the apple. You can decide to make your closures with either four gaps or two gaps, both demonstrated in the photo above.

4. Wrap your treats or gift in fabric or paper, and place inside, or glue fabric inexactly to the inside of your apple, and insert the gift into it, which will bring about a more re-usable container!

5. Tie the apple shut with ribbon, and make leaves from felt and paste to stem with a heated glue gun.

6. Conceal your bushel of fruits in a mystery place until now is the right time for the shock!


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