Raised Garden bed with cinder blocks

We all love a good looking garden. Apart from the looks it also offers you a feeling of joy, optimism and contentment when you go out in the garden and see it. Though many of us live in the city, having your small garden bed in the yard is a nice thing to have.

Apart from being a useful physical thing to do it is also a relaxing thing that will help your mind think of something else rather than the usual work week work.

Things to use:

  • small square cinder blocks
  • cardboard
  • plant soil
  • plastic spoons
  • flowers seeds or vegetable seeds(depending on what your preferences are)
  • hoe

Things to do:

  1. Decide on the location you want to put it and on the size. Depending on the size, buy as many cinder blocks as you think necessary. Take the hoe and dig on that space you want to put the garden bed, in order that the cinder bricks can stand still. Then take the bricks and arrange them in a square shape on the place you just formed. Make sure you put a cardboard at the bottom of the square you just formed. 
  2. Buy a big bag of soil and put it all inside the square and in each brick inside. 
  3. In having done this just flatten the soil and mark the rows where you want to plant using some palstic spoons.
  4. Now it is time to take the seeds and plant what you want.  Make sure they will be very well watered and your crop will soon be noticeable. 

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