Quilt As You Go – super new method to try

Everyone loves a good quilt in the house … or more. The issue is that there are people that are more creative (just as me) and that want something original. You cannot find anything as original as you can think of to buy, so an option would be to make your own quilt.

Before starting this journey, you must know it will take quite a long time and you must be very well organized to diminish this time.

Things to use:

  • Sewing thread (a lot)
  • Sewing machine
  • Threads of all kinds
  • Colored cloth pieces
  • Lightweight quilters muslin
  • Spray quilt
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • A bunch of pins
  • Pen
  • A bunch of small paper
  • Iron
  • 100% cotton batting
  • Quilt back

Things to do:

  1. First thing you should do is to create your quilt blocks. This is easy to be done. You should decide on their size and shape and then start from there on. You will need various colorful materials and a lot of sewing thread. No worries if some of them turn out bigger from the others as you can trim them down to rather the same size, after you have them all ready. For example, this tutorial is done on a size of 15 inches cut. No worries for the bigger ones, as or sure you will lose some size when you sew.
  2. Next step is to baste them to the wadding of your choice. You should buy quite a lot of that as a quilt is usually bigger than the size of your bed. If you can find a cloth spray it is far easier to do this than to baste block by block to the wadding or to the lightweight quilt. Find a big empty space in the house or on the terrace and lay the lightweight quilters down. Then spray the back of each block piece and put it back down on the wadding. Make sure to leave some wadding space between the blocks of around an inch. As you finished all the blocks and they are well stuck to the wadding, cut each of them leaving an inch in each part of it.
  3. Quilt each block in turn. You can quilt them either vertically or horizontally, or both. It does not matter anyhow. It will look good either way. Just make sure you use one single direction for a block. In doing this faster you should do one line, lift the needle, spin the block & go back down in the opposite direction.
  4. At this point it is time for trimming. You should make all your pieces of block the same size. Take the ruler, place it where you think it works the best for you (the design, the colors etc) and trim it down. You can either use a ruler of the size you want your block to be at, or just use the guides on your mat.
  5. When you finished trimming them all at the same size (or relatively the same size) you should find a big space on the floor to arrange them the way you want and make the combinations you want. At this phase have your pins, small paper and pen at hand. This is where you will need them. The no of rows is the no of small pieces of paper that you need. Number the small pieces of paper and put them on rows. If you have 7 rows you should have 7 pieces of paper. Attach them with the pin in the middle. Then arrange each row on a separate pile.
  6. After having all in place and arranged in piles, you should attach the blocks in rows. Work from left to right to attach each block in turn from one another. Try to leave an equal seam to all of them. After you finished all the rows to be done, iron them and put them aside in the room, on the top of a chair etc. to prepare them for the next step iron them seam open.
  7. Now you should join the rows together so that it forms a top. Line up the seams so that they look professional and well done and as well and sew the rows together. Again, make sure you attach the right row one to another. Again, take time and arrange the seams and choose them of an appropriate width like the ones before. After finishing attaching each row one to another, take the iron and steam nicely above the top.
  8. Again, find a spot in the room that will fit this top. Put it right side down – that means that the seams should be up. Take your quilt and place it over the top right side up. Both “bad” sides should meet each other. Take the pins and pin them to hold the quilt and the top together. Make sure to put the pin 3 inches away from the corner. Arrange the material as much as you can and try to make the wrinkles not that sizable.
  9. Stitching the two together may take a while if you are not very handy. Start in the middle and sew from top to bottom. Continue with making all the ditches all around the top. Make sure you have the top with the face up so that you know where and how you sew. You basically should have just squares all over the back and front.
  10. A last touch for it not to get fluffier it is supposed to; you should secure the middle of each block. You can do this with a needle and a thread – the color of the cloth so that it cannot be seen.

Your quilt is ready and you can enjoy and use it whenever you want from now one. You can have this done and personalize as you wish, this is one of the main reason someone would create something like this. Apart from this, you can get your whole family help you with one or two tasks. All done!

Source: mummastimetocreate.blogspot.com


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