Putting Out the Glitter on…Well, Almost Everything

Putting Out the Glitter on Well Almost Everything

Can you believe that even your life now has to have some DIY effort for “sparkle”? The buzzfeed blog seems to think so, providing information on 43 kinds of DIY, including using glitter to excessive, albeit attention-getting, proportions.
Glitter, according to buzzfeed, can adorn cameras, ankle boots, temporary tattoos, desktops, shoe soles, wooden utensils, champagne bottles, concrete floors, tights, a button-down shirt’s collar, thumbtacks and the tops of chocolate cakes.
No, your eyesight is fine, there are no long-winded instructions on how to do all 43, just fantastic photos which are self-explanatory.

To read more visit: http://www.buzzfeed.com/peggy/43-diy-ways-to-add-some-much-needed-sparkle-to-you

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