Put a picture of the beach you visited in a shadow box frame and fill the bottom with sand from that beach

Summer is a beautiful season that most of us love. In order to bear in mind the view of the beach you visited all through the year, you can frame the memory. The main thing you need is a photo of the beach and the sea, in their entire beauty.

Things to use:

  • photo
  • shadow box frame
  • sand

Things to do:

  1. Develop the favorite poto from your beach visit last year. Make sure it also shows the waves and their beauty and how they loose in the sky light.
  2. Then take the shadow box frame and fill the bottom part with sand and some beautifully colored little stones.
  3. Now, that the sand has found its way into the photo frame, put the photo and seal the shadow box frame. 
  4. Now it is high time to hand it around the wall. 

 Source: trendypics.net


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