Practical Use for Old Phone Books

Practical Use for Old Phone Books

Am I glad I did not throw our old phone books away! Angry Chicken ( just found a new use for them and I think it’s genius!

When you have a nine and six year old at home, paper and glue become indispensable household items. Cutting, drawing, and gluing become everyday routine – but not without casualties. My 6 year old gets too zealous gluing it almost always runs through. I would place newspapers but it’s a chore to clean up after. Well I always thought it’s either that or we risk ruining a new book or, worse, the carpet. Now, I simply slip an old phone book under whatever he is working on. Even if glue seeps through – no worries! Just turn the page and you have a fresh page.

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One thought on “Practical Use for Old Phone Books

  1. doneva

    and don’t forget–drying flowers. especially the thick ones from cities. you can dry a lot of flowers between the pages.


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