Pop-up Aquarium pond

Pop up aquarium ponds are fun, versatile, mobile and inexpensive!


A pop up aquarium pond can really brighten up your patio, porch, rock garden, veranda or balcony. There are probably more places that you could put it, the only limit might just be your imagination! The fact that you visited this web page means that you might already have a position in mind.

They are not easy to find, but a quick Google search can usually identify a supplier or 2. They usually retail at around $40-80.

Features and usage:

There is a reason why most of us love aquariums and garden ponds. Water has a relaxing therapeutic affect, whether that involves being by the ocean, lake or river, or even having a bath or shower! Fish live in a magical world so close to our own, but so different at the same time.

Of course, this is why almost every home has a number of water features. What is the biggest downside of having an aquarium or pond? The cleaning!

Trying to carry a large glass aquarium while it is wet and slippery is difficult, sooner or later chips and a smash is likely. Cleaning a garden pond is a huge undertaking, you need to empty the whole thing and start scrubbing. We are talking about a weekend of work.

This is the advantage of buying a pop up pond or aquarium. It wont smash and is easily cleaned. A perfect compromise.

It is also a compromise for those who don’t have the space for a full pond, or limited space in the house for an aquarium. A pop up will even sit on a balcony in a condo building.

They are designed for outdoor use only, this is probably because the sides are flexible plastic (they pop-up!) and there will be a higher likely hood of you bumping into them and causing splashes inside the house.

The size is 28 gallons which is fairly big, you can see in the picture below, the floor/surface area would be similar to a small patio table or coffee table. (The exact dimensions are 24″ Around X 13″ deep).

You can put plastic plants, or real plants bought from the pet shop. Real plants and fish will be absolutely fine here, just follow the instructions that are provided and put thought into partial water changes, and keeping it out of direct sunlight, just as you would with an aquarium.

In fact there is no need to even put fish in, buy a pop up aquarium if you are looking for a nice rock and water feature. You can use back lighting to create something quite remarkable!

The pop up aquarium pond comes with a submersible pump which makes the price tag quite attractive indeed. While the aquarium comes with full instructions, it if fairly idiot proof and easy to use.

The Verdict

The good:

  • Portable
  • Safer for children
  • Hard wearing
  • Versatile
  • Easy cleaning
  • Affordable
  • Collapsible (for winter or relocation)
  • Attractive
  • Compromise for kids who are begging for a fish tank
  • Novelty
  • Gift idea
  • Unique
  • Solution for small spaces/tenancy rules etc

The bad

  • Not a real aquarium
  • Not a real pond
  • Not really suitable for table tops or furniture
  • Not so easy to get the algae off the bottom so ought to be cleaned regularly
  • The free pump is a little on the weak side, enthusiasts might want to use a stronger one

Overall, whats not to like? A unique feature for such a good price makes a pop up aquarium pond a worthy investment. If you buy one and create a wonderful design, perhaps you would like to share it with us? We can post it here!

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