Pick a silhouette. Cut magazine strips

Everybody wants to have a pleasant home. We have endless ideas on how to beautify our house but sometimes we having difficulty in applying them. One idea is to hanging some art piece or any wall décors that will perfectly match the other objects in our house.  So choosing the right wall décor could be an exciting activity or a dilemma for many. You may find yourself having a hard time browsing Overstock or looking at a nearby art gallery for a perfect painting, photograph, or wall art only to find out that it’s either too expensive or just doesn’t match your place . You could also be trying your best to paint your own so you can choose the right colors and the right design but being a painter is not your thing so you ended up messing and wasting your time. How disappointing, right? But in this generation full of DIY tutorials circulating over the net will give you hope.

Since paintings and other fine arts could be very pricey, why not make your own art work with cheap materials, easy and fun to make, and it’s unique yet stylish. And if you have a kid who’s an artsy-fartsy like me, you can ask them to help you make one. Let me teach you how.

Things to use :

  • Old magazines ( black and white or colored )
  • Pencil and eraser
  • Scissors
  • ruler
  • Elmer’s glue
  • Construction or poster board ( but any board of your choice would do )
  • Oslo paper
  • Photograph or drawing

Note : In choosing the right subject for your art work, consider 2Ws – where and what. Where (bedroom, living room, dining room) are you going to place it? What are the colors and objects around it? It should reflect who and what you are as a person / family to make it more meaningful so you could actually say it’s an art piece.

Things to do :

  1. Prepare all the materials needed.
  1. Use a photograph of something you like that can be cut out to make an outline on your board or you can use your existing stencil and trace it on the board. Or, if you are lucky enough that you’re really good at drawing, just draw an outline straight to the board without using any tracing tool as guide. Be sure to trace or draw at the center of the board.
  1. Cut the pages of your magazine into strips with different lengths and widths. Your magazine strips should depend on your outline so you need to pay extra attention to the curves and edges to have a best result. You need to be very patient and to have a very keen eye for detail. And if you are really having a bad time, make another outline but this time, do it on the magazine page you are going to use so you don’t have worry if you’re cutting it right.
  1. Once your magazine strips are all prep up, apply a thin coat of Elmer’s glue or any decent glue stick on the poster board inside your outline drawing. Carefully put another thin coat of glue on the magazine strips one by one and gently press it on your silhouette. Remember that you have to be put extra care in putting and pressing the magazine strips towards the poster board to avoid trial and error.



  1. Continue sticking the magazine strips on the poster board until you completely cover the entire silhouette. Everything should be covered perfectly with no gaps, in-betweens, or any empty spaces visible.
  1. Once you are done cover the entire silhouette with magazine strips, allow it to dry first for about 15 minutes then erase the visible pencil marks carefully. ( Tip : Try to avoid scratching the eraser dusts with your bare hands because it will ruin your artwork. Just flip the whole poster board to the air facing down to remove them. This will prevent the dusts from sticking to the edges of your artwork. )


That’s it. You finally have your own art piece you could be proud of. You can hang it straight to your wall or you can use any frame as long as it matches with your other home decors and you can finally hang it wherever you want.


If you are that satisfied with the outcome of your work, you can do as many as you can and share them with your family and friends. It could be a perfect gift for housewarming or any other occasion. This magazine strip silhouette does not require extra creativity for it is simple at its best so you surely can make dozens in just no time. But if you are thinking about taking it to the next level, you can make your own strip designs aside from ruining your magazines. You can use any decent paper and play with your coloring materials ( acrylic paint, markers, pens, water color ) then cut them into strips like you did in the magazines and do the same steps. Just be sure to use the colors you want to stand out the most. Also, if you are not into colourful things, black, gray, and white could be classy and matches with everything.

Hope you had fun creating one!



Source: ilovedecoration.com


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