Photograph Mobile for your Baby


I needed to make this little cute gentleman something unique before he was born, and NOT a bed cover like I have made very nearly for all the greater part of my friend’s children in light of the fact that simply taking out the sewing machine makes me need to swear like a mariner. So I thought to make a DIY photograph mobile, and after much research, found that what I had imagined in my mind actually did not exist. Even one of my friend laughed at me after hearing plan!

But I’m so not an arrangements sort of young lady! It was prolonged, and I smoldered a couple of fingers with the paste weapon, however it turned out truly extraordinary and I’m glad to the point that my nephew will see his family, regardless of where he exists or lives, consistently when he gets up now.

DIY Photo Mobile

You will need the following:

-the outside of a wooden embroidery loop (under $2 at a craft store)

-Two colors of ribbon

-A glue gun

-Foam (thick – comes in small sheets at a craft store)

-an even number of photos cut to 4×6 or smaller (smaller would have been better)

-3D sticky dots (most exp. part)

-Scrapbook paper, about 2 sheets


Step 1 : Tie four strips of ribbon to the loop, and bring them together in the middle, knot the ribbon together.


Step 2: Hang the ribbon with a hanger (I also used a clamp) somewhere high enough where you’ll be able to work underneath it but not too high!


Step 3: Loop one color of the ribbon around the wooden loop, using the glue gun to strategically keep in place on the inside.


Step 4: Cut strip at diverse lengths, verifying that you have two of every length. Attach and paste these to the  loop, verifying that every length is just as inverse its accomplice on the loop. At that point take the other lace color and tie/glue around the circle, covering the other colour.


Step 5: Slice your foam to match your photos, and cut the scrapbook paper also. Punch an opening in the center (precisely in the center) of the foam – its the place your ribbon will go. Utilize the 3D dots to stay the scrapbook paper on the top – as well as you have to punch a gap in that.


Step 6: Pull the strip through the gap from the top, tie underneath. At that point utilize the dots to stick the photo to the base of the foam.


Step 7: After you’ve put on some of your photos, set down underneath and imagine you’re a child. The photographs don’t need to hang superbly, and they don’t have to be in any order either – unless obviously, you are like me and needed the most conspicuous photograph to be of yourself, your sister and mother or mother-in-law so your nephew considered you regularly.

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