Photo frame accent table


• Large picture frame with glass
• 4 turned table legs & brackets for attaching to back of frame
• L-brackets and screws for securing photo panel to underside of frame
• Martha Stewart Crafts™ acrylic paint: Gray Wolf, Porcelain Doll, Wedding Cake, Linen
• Sandpaper: course & fine
• White household candle
• Foam core board
• Linen fabric
• Batting or felt
• Adhesive or tacky glue



1. Join the hardware to the frame to make it removable legs.

2. Paint the legs and the frame Gray Wolf; apply 2 covers for good result. Let it dry.

3. Rub candle onto all territories of frame and legs to make the desired look.

4. Paint 2 layers of a mixture of every last one of whites onto all surfaces. Let dry.

5. Sand lightly with course sandpaper, then with fine gravel sandpaper.

6. Set up the insert for the edge: Cut froth center to fit into the opening. Decrease a layer of batting or felt somewhat more modest than the froth center; connect to froth center. Cover all the area with

7. Join different photographs to the linen, with your choice. Join to the underside of the frame, utilizing L-brackets and short screws, inserting the glass first.

8. Join legs.

9. Tie off. Weave all closures in

10. On both short closures complete off each with a line of sc holding 2 strands of Blue Agave. Weave in ends.



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