Personalize your shoes with a color gradient

Original way to transform a simple white sneakers for a touch of very interesting color. To achieve this we need to use a fabric dye (color choice), some petroleum jelly to protect all parts of the sole should not be painted, and finally, a little time and patience. The process is simple, as shown in the images. First, use Vaseline to protect the sole and mix the dye in hot water as directed. Dip a third of their shoes for a long time.


Try wet shoes before dipping, this will help set the dye and extend it to create the gradient. Subsequently it will return into dip, but only the tips so that you dry it more and make the gradient.With a damp cloth dye spreads to the rest of the shoe. Finally you just have to wait for the color to set, rinse with water, let it dry and clean debris move. The result is, as we can see, very interesting.


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