Packing and moving Tips ;) genius! Never know when you will need this!

You have been living in the same house for a good number of years now, and time came when you just have to leave everything behind and move into a bigger space (preferably). This si new to you and you just do not know where to start from with the packing.

Here you can find out some tips that will actually make things easier for you. At least from the packing and organizing point of view.

Things to use:

  • truck ( as big as possible)
  • boxes
  • bubble wrap(as much as possible)
  • kitchen cloth
  • garbage bags
  • toilet paper
  • easy meals
  • snacks
  • pen
  • glue

Things to do:

  1. A truck is a necessity. Either you rent it or you just own it, it is a thing without which you actually cannot move, or you will find it very difficult to move.
  2. Make sure that you announce friends and all fo those bills that come at the house taht you changed address. Do this with at least 2 weeks notice. It will help you with your life transiting from one address to teh other. 
  3. Have at hand as many boxes as possible. They are the ones where almost all your stuff will be put. Choose from what you have around the house – suitcases, coolers, laundry baskets or just buy some empty boxes from the nearby store. They have them for sure. There are never too many boxes. Anyhow, what is left, you can just return or take it with you, just in case. 
  4. After filling in all the boxes, make sure you write on them exactly what they are fillin with. This will help you unpack. 
  5. Use some cloths, like kitchen cloths, to wrap all your plates around with. You should make sure they will not break in transport.
  6. For those clothes that are on hangers, you can easily take them with the hanger, and just wrap them around some garbage bags. This will help holding them stuck together. 
  7. Clean up the bathroom and make sure you leave some toilet paper behind.
  8. Go and make some grocery shopping in order to have it on the road. Some easy to eat meal will prove just right for the children and also for you.
  9. Make sure you leave a well cleaned and nicely smelly fridge. It is never nice to leave mess behind you. 
  10. Have a bag at hand where all the needing things are, such as toiletries and all that stuff. You never know when you may need them on the road.
  11. buy some vacuum bags for the other clothes that are not on hangers. They will occupy less room this way in your boxes. 

Stress is over. Now all you have to do is just enjoy the new home.

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