Nutella Hot Chocolate From the Jar



A jar of chocolate butter is always worthy. Even if there is nothing left in the jar. No matter what you use, a spoon or your index finger, there is always a bit of chocolaty butter remains in the jar. Instead of through it in the dustbin, you can make hot chocolate with it.



Step 1

Examine the jug level to figure out the amount milk you require. This specific container has nine and a half ounces, so I spilled about nine ounces of milk into a microwave-safe fluid measuring cup. Utilize any milk you have close by, whether its dairy animals’ milk or — even better — hazelnut milk. Heat the milk until its scalding.



Step 2

Now stop pouring milk into the jar once it hits the lid to leave the ample room. If you have a big size jar, then forget about the ounces of the jar but just measure out the milk you want to drink.



Step 3

Screw the top of the jar tightly, and shake, shake, shake! Each few minutes, put the jaronto a level surface and painstakingly unscrew the cover to let steam escape. At that point screw the top once again tightly, and shake once more. Rehash this procedure until the sides of the jar look clean.



Step 4

Drink the hot chocolate from the jar itself (hey, why not?) or transfer to a mug.

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