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The supplies needed for making these little notebooks are:


• Colorful cardboard boxes, such as cereal, cracker or other lightweight product boxes from your recycling bin
• Office paper
• Rubber bands
• Golf pencils (optional) found at the office supply store
• Stapler
• Scissors or craft knife
• Cutting board


How to Make:
1. Cut out box sections for covers and paper to 2 inch x 4 inch pieces.
2. Draw score lines on the cardboard for easier folding by running a straight line down center of the back side with a ball point pen.
3. Fold sets of six paper pieces together in half and line up with the cardboard cover.
4. Slide the stack into the stapler and staple the fold.
5. Fold the notebook in half, add a pencil and secure with a rubber band.

keep a bowl of them







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