Nice crochet flower granny

We all have some practical classes during the school years. Especially girls have this class where they learn to crochet, to sew and all kind of other things. If you have learned and you liked it and you also remember how to 🙂 then you can try and make some crochet flowers in your free time. It will prove to be useful for both your relaxing moments and it can as well help you in decorating and accessorizing some of your clothes.

Things to use:

  • crochet thread
  • crochets
  • beads (as many as you may think needed)

Things to do:

  1. For starters you have to have the pattern and then you can inspire your work on it. Then you have to create the inner round part and when you have it you just create the petals of the flower around it. 
  2. You crochet the flower petal by petal until it covers the entire inner circle. Make sure you close the flower each time you finish a petal, in order not to be torn apart. 
  3. Then make the crochet flower stall. It has to be bigger than the flower and square. This way in the end you will put the flower in the middle. 
  4. Form more shapes with flowers and then join them together, if you want a bigger sized crochet flower bed. If not, you can use each by itself. 

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