Next 2 Nothing Crafts: Distress Using Spray Paint and Vaseline

You have some furniture that you are rather tired of and would like to see something else in the house?  The solution is not always buying something new. One can add a touch of novelty with using for example the distress paint for the furniture.

Things to use:

  • spray paint
  • vaseline
  • gloves
  • cleaning paper

Things to do:

  1. Take a piece of cloth or cleaning paper and clean the piece of furniture very well. After cleaning it make sure it is dry.
  2. Prepare the spray paint and gloves. Put your gloves on and start doing your thing all over the piece of furniture of your choice. Make sure you do not spray more than recommended. It may ruin your art. 
  3. Leave it to dry and then put the gloves on again (the same ones if you did not stain them, or a new pair of you did). Take the vaseline and rub the entire furniture with it. Apart from an entire new look it will actually sparkle. 




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