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You have many things gathered around teh house and do not necessarily know what to do with them? Do you find that some of the things are useless and want to throw them away? Take a piece of paper and a pencil, do the reccessement of all the things laying around the house and then look below. The below tips may prove to be useful for you.

Things to do:

  1. If you have a solar cell phone charger and find yourself in a  20 hours flight,  or in a 20 hours train trip or any road trip, you can just attach it to any window of the mean of transportation used and it will start charging. This way your phone will leave you with low battery or any battery at all. 
  2. id you ahve some handles from an old basket you can use them as a support for your opened bottle of wine, that should teh kept in the fridge. 
  3. This type of support is usually around the house as a can holder, as a glass holder etc. Anyhow, if you have it you can introduce it in the microwave for 2 minutes, and then put the plate with your food on it. It is able to keep the food warm for an hour. 
  4. Each fridge has some place where you can add water and form ice cubes. This form can be used in a more useful way, especuially during winter time, when you do not need ice cubes(usually) and when you do not have fresh herbs. Make sure you take your favorite herbs and cut them in small bits, put them in each section, pour some olive oil on top of them and freeze them. It will keep them fresh all winter long. 
  5. the places where you usually dry your dishes after hand washing them can be used as a serving palte like below. 
  6. Do you have some free space between two of the furniture items from your home? If you want to use every piece and corner of the house, you can, for sure. Think of gathering all the wine bottles that stay around the house and put them ina  single place. Create a winde “drawer” with as many shelves as you need and as the space allows you to have. 
  7. Everyone has some bowls in teh house. You can take one and give it another use, a constant and needing use. Take it and use it as a scrap bowl; there you can add all the things you no longer use and when it is full throw them away and so on. attach it to the drawer that you mostly use and know you do have things that are no longer good. Enjoy. 
  8. Summer is coming and you feel like decorating your garden. It is a nice thing to do but the main problem are the costs that this implies. You can create your garden corner that will give you some shadow and relaxation when teh sun is up. All you need are some shower curtains and some PVC pipes. Take the pipes and fix them in the ground at one side. Then end them and fix them on the other side. Make sure they will form an arch.  After forming this arch, take the shower curtains and put them over this arch. 
  9. Jewelry is never too much for any women. This is why, we also do not have enough space around the house to keep them. Here we come with an idea that can offer you this space. If you have paintings on the wall you can easily form them into a “seif” for your jewelry. It will be easy enough to access them and also give you that space you so much need. 
  10. Some recipes include boiling water etc. Most of the time this boiling water or boiling soup or boiling pasta turn out into a chaos for your cooking stove. To make sure this no longer happens, just take one of the pots you have around the kitchen that you use for trickling and put it over the boiling water. This way all the foam cerated by the boiling will remain in that recipient. 
  11. Do you feel like crying when slicing the onion? See below that there are some tips to stop this. Buy a comb shape like and use it as a onion holder, for the knife to be able to cut precisely and in little time.


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