MerryDIY: geometric himmeli ornaments



I have bounced on the himmeli bandwagon. In the wake of seeing great mobiles, for example these by {AMradio} on etsy, i make a go at hunting down a diy version.

sooo, I got myself some coffee stirrers.

at that point…

They sat through halloween.

Also they sat through thanksgiving.

Also they very nearly sat through christmas.

Every geometric shape without anyone else present might make eccentric decorations

Befitting of our odd yellow and white tree.

I chose to let it all out.

here’s what I utilized!

The coffee stirrers were small already. It was at 5″ long — but I wanted to cut them even smaller, so I cut them in half.

First and foremost, i hung four half-stirrers on angling line. I pulled an additional three feet or thereabouts of string before cutting it off the reel.

With the sum of the stirrers pushed to one end, I tied the string in a hitch – the straws shaped an one-dimensional diamond shape.

Rather than slicing the angling line close to the knot and risk it untying, I essentially slid the short end of the string down into one of the straws.

I was left with only one long end – the additional three-ish feet of angling line I pulled before I cut, you should remember that?

Next, I strung two more stirrers onto the long string. i pulled the line down to the inverse end and knotted.

At that point I rehashed: hung two more stirrers on the line, pulled up to inverse end, and tied.

I was left with a flattened three-dimensional diamond.

As of right now, the angling line was at the highest point of the structure and i required it in the center – so i wound it down one of the straws. then…I made my route around the center:

It appears more entangled than it is the point at which you’re simply looking at the pictures. When I had my technique down, I made ten decorations quite rapidly.


Presently, it is the disturbing step. These decorations are exceptionally light. The force of the spraypaint leaving the can whipped these guys around around every which way. That is the reason I would unmistakably suggest finding straws in the color you need your last decorations to be.

Here is the final product:





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