Master Class “Decoration of jeans”


Good day! For you, I have one master class! Creating accessories of jeans, you can buy the fabric, or use an old thing (denim shirt, denim pants). Important that denim was thin! So get started!
What we need:
– Jeans
Scissors, pliers and wire cutters
– Beads
-Beads with a diameter of 14mm (I 2 cm)
– Thread or fishing line for beadwork (I recommend a transparent fishing line then the seams will be less pronounced)
– Supplies



1 cut the strip of jeans! width slightly larger than the circumference of the beads need a small allowance!



Sew 2 so as to form a belt! Cut off excess material (that we had an overlap), gut-wrenching with scissors on the front side of our tube!




3 pushes some beads into a tube, very extremely strung on a pin, to pin fasten another pin!




4 Sew edge thread maximum prisborivaya it! Strung cap and do a loop! This will attach the eyelet then T or A or shotgun




5 The common thread prisborivaem so tightly so skintight jeans beads!


6 Cut the tube of our jeans, the last bead strung pin, sew denim so that it tightly fits the bead, fasten cap using pin and form a loop!

130406142737 (1)



7, we should get here such “caterpillar”


8 Use the beads (beads can be ordinary) camouflage seams! Recruit as many beads on a string to get the loop, then the thread is passed through each bead, make a few turns so tightly held beads!

130406142738 (1)


9 Fasten T or A and we get here is a bracelet! You can leave it like that!

130406142739 (1)


Or add 10 chains, pendants and get more interesting details saturated bracelet!


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