Making Cloudy Glasses Sparkle Again

Have you ever arrived at into your cabinet to offer a chilly cold drinks to somebody just to understand that you have shady glasses secured with a film?  I don’t know about you, yet I don’t do a ton of investigating of my dishes when I am putting them away out of the dishwasher.  I jump at the chance to accept that the dishwasher is doing its job.

Cloudy Glasses

It’s not until I’m putting forth a drink to somebody (other than my quick family) that I even recognize how awful they look.  Over time, minerals in your water may leave a layer of film on your glasses. In some cases you need to put in some additional work to get them clean. Enter Distilled White Vinegar- the force house of all family staples.

Vinegar & Paper Towel

What you’ll have to do to get those ordinary glasses shimmering again is really simple.

Take some paper towels and soak them with vinegar. Crush out a large portion of the extra fluid. Apply the wet paper towels specifically to the glass and rub away the film. Wash with water and dry.

Sparkling Glass


Voilà! No more embarrassing cloudy glasses.





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