Make Your Own Greenhouse

Budget DIY greenhouse project

A greenhouse is a structure with transparent walls and roof that can be constructed using different materials like plastic or glass. These structures are especially ideal for plants that require extra care or regulated climatic conditions.

Most phytophilias or the people who are fond of plants think that having their own greenhouse is a necessity and would be perfect on their backyard or any idle space on their yard. But as much as they want to have one, many think it might be too pricey, too difficult to make and too much time consuming to maintain. Some even think that you need to have a green thumb to make a greenhouse work for you.

Constructing your own greenhouse would definitely make you consider a lot of things –budget, the person who will build it, materials, design, maintenance, etc. Aside from the overall success of your project that you would ultimately feel and see in, perhaps, a couple of months or years if you persevere.

So, regardless of just being fond of having beautiful flowering plants that you really want to enjoy in your very own garden, growing veggies and herbs that would make your neighbors green with envy that they would be chatting with you to ask for tips on how they could grow one for themselves, and ensuring a relaxing and beneficial hobby, you may want to consider having your own greenhouse, right?

Let me give you a DIY greenhouse with low-budget project but will surely fit your budget you’re your backyard perfectly.

Materials Needed:

3 standard cattle panels

2 rolls of 10’x50′ clear plastic

1 16-foot 2’x’4, 3 8-foot 2’x2’s, 1 8-foot 1’x2′

A package (100) of 8-inch zip-ties

2 rolls of clear duct tape

1 roll of standard electrical tape

2 simple door hinges, and a simple handle and latch

4 2-foot sections of rebar

2 20-foot pieces of PVC

2-inch wood screws


Steps to follow :

Step 1 : Use three cattle panels as your wireframe to start with because they are rigid and flexible. One panel will be used for the floor which you will connect to the other two which will serve as your rounded roof.  You need to cut the flooring panel in half and secure them together with zip ties. Tie the floor panel to the roof panels. Bend them over, and zip tie all of the seams. Use heavy duty wire cutters to cut your cattle wires.



Step 2 : This is my wireframe that I attached to base studs. This greenhouse measures 9 feet long by 8 feet wide, by 6 feet high at the apex. The studs along the bottom of the wireframe are two 2’X2’s affixed with zip ties to make stapling the sheet easier.



Step 3 : The next step is to make a simple door frame and fasten it to a base stud.



Step 4 : Take the two PVC pipes and carefully cut them to match the shape of your wireframe roof –16 feet long. The four pieces of rebar will act as footings that I pounded into the ground and then slid with PVC to cover the rebar. I used electrical tape to secure the PVC to the wireframe.


Step 5 : The 10-foot width of the rolls of plastic sheeting is enough to cover the top, leaving enough overhang to attach to the PVC with duct tape.


Step 6 : You can opt to add other structures at the back to add some stabilization to your large sheet of plastic.


Step 7 : Next is to  build a door and give your greenhouse a nice front façade. Make sure to measure accurately and buy the correct size of screws and hinges so that you door fits perfectly and will last for a long time otherwise all your efforts to secure your plants will be for nothing. If your door keeps on opening, it may let in bugs and stray animals which may eat, contaminate, and destroy your plants. If this happens, you have only yourself to blame.


Step 8 : Building a secure greenhouse helps ensure thriving plants all year round no matter what temperature it is outside the greenhouse environment. Especially in places where the climate could be more difficult than some, greenhouses helps maintain a steady and nurturing environment free from outside factors like pests and bugs that could otherwise harm your plants.


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2 thoughts on “Make Your Own Greenhouse

  1. Darr247

    I’m going to guess that’s concrete remesh (<$100 for 5' x 150' roll at big box home improvement stores) since he's using bolt cutters to snip it.

    Still, I have a couple questions…
    1.) Why is this in the "diy & craft" category instead of the "DIY Garden" or "Home garden" categories?

    2.) Why do I not find it when I look through the entire archive for April 2013?


  2. Marie

    I think you’ll find what you’re looking for at the very top of the pictures, where he is cutting the wire. There is a tiny BlogSpot listed in green lettering: I followed that address and located the instructions. Good Luck!


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