Make this into a scrapbook and gift it

This is a nice handmade project that one can giveaway easily. Apart from its looks it also has a very practical use.

Things to use:

  • 3 pieces of 30*30 cm size paper, then cut in half to get 6 pieces of 15*30 cm size
  • 7 bamboo skewers
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Eraser

Things to do:

  1. First of all, take the paper you have at your disposal and cut it in half. At this point it should measure 15*30 cm.
  2. After having done the above, fold each piece in half to become a square again. It should be 15*15 cm now. And you will have more pieces if you look at it this way.
  3. The third step is to take the folded ones and to make sure you mark 3 more folded lines in the center of the folded paper.
  4. Along these lines take the pencil and mark them at every centimeter. After marking take the scissors and cut along them. You will eventually have a piano like page. As you will have many tabs, you must fold every other one downwards. Make this for every six pieces of paper you have.
  5. After having all done, take one of the bamboo skewers and two pages and run the skewer through the notches. You have to run it at first trough the first one from the first page and then the second one of the second page and so on; like below.
  6. Then to connect each page you just have to take one more page and a new skewer and connect the second (the last in line)page and connect it to the third and so on. Make sure you do this until all the pages are connected.
  7. Then take the scissors and cut the remaining edges of the bamboo skewers.


Now it is time to boast yourself with your handmade art. You can use colored paper like below or flowered pattern one like above; that depends on each one’s tastes.




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