Make paper origami fox

If you are a fox lover and as well quiet good in making hand crafted projects, try this origami fox creation.

Mainly you can use the book of Margaret Van Sicklen – Origami Page-A-Day Calendar that will teach you all the steps and tricks to come up with an original and look alike origami fox.

Things to use:

  • white pencil
  • brown pencil
  • orange paper
  • cream to brown paper

Things to do:

  1. For starters take the book and follow the instructions there. One A4 piece of paper should be enough for one fox. 
  2. Then if you want to give it a little more extra foxy look, take the white pencil and start drawing the “jaws”on the foxy face. After this, create the top of the nose and the eyes with the brown pencil. It will just give them that personal touch you want to create – a sleepy, happy or angry origami fox. 


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